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Стар 5th December 2017, 15:10
Josefine Josefine не е на линия
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Прилагам линк от международен форум, където жертви на ринопластика дискутират странични ефекти, които никой хирург няма да ви каже, защото ще си загуби пациентите. Но съм сигурна, че всички са наясно с тези проблеми, въпреки че не ги споменават НИКОГА в страничните ефекти от ринопластика. А това реално са най-пагубните. Според мен целта е да те обезобразят и после пак да се връщаш при тях за да те дооправят. Четете и мислете. И оперираните - повече не се чудете защо изглеждате "странно" след ринопластиката си. Един нос може да загрози, но един хубав нос не може да компенсира опустошителните поражения нанесени върху цялото лице след операцията. Enjoy

Странно, но вече не мога да вляза в тоя форум.

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Стар 5th December 2017, 22:09
Josefine Josefine не е на линия
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а ето и пост на един от списващите по треда:

Everybody who has arrived to this page should read this, especially those of you haven't yet followed through with your procedure. DO NOT get a rhinoplasty/septorhinoplasty involving osteotomies/breaking and re-structuring of the nasal bones unless you honestly and truly need it. This procedure can and more likely than not, completely change the overall structure to your face and make you look almost like a different person. In some cases like mine, the change can be significant enough effect a person extremely deeply and cause all kinds of issues such as depression and relative mental issues. Believe me people, I cant stress this enough... A NOSE JOB CAN COMPLETELY MESS UP YOUR FACE. If you have had this operation, you will know from countless times of looking in the mirror, trying to decipher the cause as to why you look different that its not only your nose, its that your whole face that has changed. This is caused by the physical trauma of the procedure, nothing else. The excessive bruising and breaking of bones to re-structure the nose will cause all the muscles, skin, tissue and facial fat to the surrounding areas to adapt to the new shape of the nose. Which can cause horror. You will not be told this from your surgeon nor anticipate this by research unless you have read my comment up to this point. I had 3 septorhinoplasty operations, the first was the one that ruined me, the others were just the end result of my pointless endeavours to seek a miracle that never came to give me my ******* face back. Lucky I was very good looking from the start because if I wasn't, I'd be ******

и отговорът

I totally agree with you. Here I am, back yet again in 2017 (see my comments from 2015). I had my bridge broken and narrowed...i didn't understand why. I had a beautiful bridge, no hump. I just wanted less of a pig nose, and after open rhino I have WORSE pig nose, 2 highly visible uneven nostrils and a saggy face. Top surgeon in Beverly Hills btw.

I went to a surgeon recently for fillers for the hollows I now have under my eyes and he told me there was too much excess skin to do it. Now, yes, we age but I have older siblings and now I look older than them. And I take obscenely good care of my skin and health.
My cheeks are flat and uneven (I was known for my high cheekbones) , I have hollows and crows that go down my cheeks when I smile....dents and folds that appear EXACTLY where the bruising was. Because I had more bruising on one side, and now have more folds on that side...from the TRAUMA..Friends say stuff like "oh no, you look fine" Fine? I was always told how attractive I was, I just didn't like my nostrils. Now I don't like my whole face. I haven't taken a decent photo in years. I look so strange and my nose looks bigger. I see now that God designed us the way he did for a reason.
You are right, breaking the bones changes everything. Smile, eyebrows, brightness of eyes, cheeks...even down to your neck. You will not know the woman in the mirror. You will DEVELOP body dysmorphic disorder (which surgeons love.. more work for them!) as you obsess in the mirror day after day month after month and YEAR after YEAR hoping for an improvement that will NEVER COME. It's horrible! And shameful and you can't tell anyone or you sound like a crazy person. So it's isolating and terrible for your emotional health.
Face the fact that you aren't Blake Lively or Kiera Knightly or a movie star and a surgeon will hammer, cut, sew and do whatever they can to keep the cost up. It's a business. Revisions are bigger business. We have to learn, somehow, to love ourselves as we were made. Please don't be like me and have to spill your sadness, regret and guts on some plastic surgery board. Thanks for listening. Now I have to go contour my face.

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