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How to Clean Your House from Top to Bottom: Fast and Easy Tips

You know, your home, mainly the kitchen, is easy to become dirty. You should care about home cleaning for a healthy living environment. Wondering about the secrets to keeping a spotless house? If you follow the easy guide below, you will have a tidy and beautiful place to relax and work in no time!

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1. Arrange the blankets, sheets, and bedspread on your bed

Think about making your bed neat first thing in the morning. Believe it or not, it can change your life. It works to free up your brain for memory stimulation and higher levels of critical thinking. Not to mention, the unmade bed makes your entire room a real mess. As soon as you figure out that it takes a few minutes each morning to perform that task, you will begin to realize that many of the other chores take as little time.

2. Empty your dishwasher in the morning

Remove all the contents of the dishwasher; even a full one takes only five minutes or so to empty. While awaiting your children to be ready for school, or the coffee to brew, you can get it done. Doing so makes your kitchen look neater, aside from avoiding household pests.

3. Do a quick cleanup following each snack or meal

Do you feel too lazy to clean up after a meal? Still, can you stand the aftermath when your kitchen gets awful? As you’ve already emptied your dishwasher, wipe down the counters after loading the dishes. Instead of moving everything off your counters, place foodstuff away, then spray and clean around the rest.

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4. Wipe the faucets and sinks

Do hairs and toothpaste splatters in your bathroom appear unpleasant to the senses? Then scrub the sinks as well as faucets using a disinfecting wipe each day. Removing these controllable messes takes mere seconds if you keep up with them often.

5. Do a daily laundry

It may be game-changing to develop this habit. Before you head to work, put a load in. Move it to the dryer after getting home. Fold them when the buzzer goes off.

6. Rely on floor mats

Do your family members keep wearing shoes into the house no matter how many times you tell them not to? Do not let it stress you out! You can put mats inside and outside exterior doors to keep all kinds of dirt out. Make sure you shake them or vacuum them outside every few days.

7. Clean from back to front, from high to low

To clean your home quickly and efficiently, stick to the simple rules. For instance, start upstairs and work your way down. That way it prevents dust and dirt on higher surfaces from falling on lower ones. Begin from the room’s farthest corner and work your way out. By so doing, you can allow the leading edge to move forward, and you end up being able to gather everything.

8. Make use of your best home vacuum cleaner

This appliance can do much more than get rid of dirt and dust from your carpets and floors. You should consider the best vacuum such as a canister, upright including a hose, or detachable portable hand type with various attachments instead of a simple upright floor cleaning machine. For some tasks, the smaller handheld vacuums will work nicely as well.

Use it to pick up excess pet hair, control insects, and freshen pillows, upholstery, and carpets. You can use the dusting brush attachment to trap the dust on blinds, etc. before it spreads. Or else, vacuum regularly to diminish indoor allergens.

9. Be careful about cleaning your pile carpets

We recommend you vacuum areas with high traffic at least every other day. That said, you don’t always have time for that, right? Then consider collecting small messes like paper scraps, and pet hair between regular vacuuming. That way, it will look much better all week. Let alone, bending over to do so counts as some light workout!

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The bottom line

Give these tips a try to keep your house spick and span. While they require only a short amount of time each day, they help out a lot with your home cleaning no matter how busy your life gets.

As soon as you are in the habit of caring about your living space for a little bit daily, you will not have to sacrifice your whole weekend to get things back under control any more.

Do you have any additional tips? We would love to hear from you!

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